29/100 walgreens and its insane promo today until next week


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28/100 lemonades was a sore ass and an amazing fitness video find

Paul Katami is my recent youtube find (thanks to the uploader) and this workout ain’t no joke. 

What I like about this one is how all moving parts of the workout centered on the core, and he knows his exercises flawlessly. I am officially a fan. 

What I also appreciate about him is he is Gay! But found that an hour after the workout when I stalked his ig. Setting aside his gender preference, what I adore also was the fact that he doesnt try to be tough on you, or rub in your face that he’s a tough trainer (yes bob harper and jillian michaels, i’m talking to you). His workout set will speak for itself, but never fails to.remind you to do the correct form.

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Lemonades 27/ 100 The mind gives up before the body does- yoga youtube teacher

Started my day with an amazing yoga abs and what struck me with this exercise was how one needs to be mindful whenever you move your core. Little things that typically people ignore but serves so well in the long term. 

She also pointed out that no time as this time. Meaning to really make use of the time that you devote to your body. 

After this very mindful exercise, I finished with a heavy lifting using bob harper’s workout.

This is in conjunction with his heart attack a few weeks ago. Just trying to be relevant with the current event lol

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26/100- Using the powerblock for the first time

There is just an inexplicable high after a COMPLETED workout. Moments when I really pushed to finish and not just half-ass my way through the exercise.
What makes it even more incredible is if it’s done first thing in the morning.

I can’t put a finger to it to be honest, it’s just incredible.
After the disastrous second week of February when I just had to stop completely my exercises, I have recovered, taking my green morning smoothies since getting my ninja auto iq for my bday, and now I feel absolutely great.

Anyhoo going back to my high. Yes, morning workouts kick my ass and I love it. It’s my first time to use our $300 powerblock and I gotta admit that there’s a limited range of motion, but I ain’t complaining! I can really adjust the movement. What I just have to be careful of is not to wake my husband up. Because I was working out in our bedroom.
Plus, that new Hoist workout bench is also a dream! I can’t get enough of it.
I believe investing in our health is the top priority, even if this cost us more than $500 bucks total, I LOVE THAT I get to do it now at HOME where no GERMS are goin to haunt me unlike that expensive Athletic club membership!

I just can’t get enough of it. I’m super glad hubby decided to finally get it over the weekend.

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25/100: we finally get to lift heavy! (Again)

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24 lemonades out of 100: my lower back says thank you

Sunday morning whata lovely gentle exercise with jessica smith tv. This is what my back seriously needs. Wow.

I’ve been doing a bunch of her yoga sculpt exercises to avoid straining my back and to further strengthen my core. So far it’s nothing short of amazing really.

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Remind me not to make this again


This is the toughest one that I had to chug down. It was disgusting and when I burped i tasted the nastiness of it all.

The base of this gross concoction is red cabbage. At the first sip I had to blend in a med size avocado to make it a little creamy because it is that nasty.

There is also chia seeds and half a scoop of whey protein that Im just trying to finish.

Never again with red cabbage as juice. Its just too terrible

Update: despite the sordid taste, I can really feel how good it FEELS that at 2.50pm, I DO NOT FEEL Sleepy, not am I yawning at all. Incredible. Maybe I’d consider mixing other stuff with this, or maybe over all just inhaling a nice smoothie does absolute wonders for lunch.

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