It’s been two months since I signed up for a monthly fee of $10 bucks and it has changed my motivation to run dramatically.
I think I even pushed myself too hard by following the coach that I totally ignored my knee pains now it’s all fucked.
Although othe than that, I it is absolutely the best!


Coconut flour cheddar muffins

cheddar muffins coconut flour 2

kinda biting onto a cheesy  biscuit.

The star of the show:

5 eggs +  1/2 cup coconut flour from my motherland (thanks Trader Joe’s for importing from the Philippines) 

1/2 stick butter 

350 degrees for 15 mins, and enjoy the warm and moist cheesy gooey mess straight from the oven

Mind you, a 1/2 cup of dry coconut flour is 21 grams of carbs s

Literally DONE with therapy! (after 3+ months)

It is the day  I am so waiting to come and I didn’t expect it to be brought up today.

I’m just trying to make it really dramatic than it already is, but hell to the fuckin yea we are done!

Right before my chiropractor started with the regular spine  alignment stuff— he asked me how am I doing as always, replied positively with a doing good.

To be honest,  at the latter part of therapy I can’t wait to be done because in my head, I am done, this is just throwing away money, throwing my time just for the benefit of a the medical practitioner who is pretty ok but of course understandably so is just after quantity. of patients coming in.


#tuesdaythoughts: improving my running form

I woke up probably 15 minutes later than my usual wake up time and I panicked. It’s too tough to drag my ass this morning but when I saw the fog outside, and even if I started later than my typical running time, I fuckin trudged on.
All in all, I jogged for the most of my 30 minute run as opposed to just half- ass walking my butt.
I wanted to seriously iimprove my running form since I’m such a mediocre cardio person,
This is the reason why I never lose weight, I half ass my cardio. So this is my 3rd quarter 2017 goal. Improve my cardio fitness score (which according to my fitbit, I only have average- 33)


this shall be named “woke up late” but shouldve been “powered through”

Must increase my intensity then!

Meal prep saturday: cheesecake and a messy cheesy cauliflower casserole

Recipe 1-cauliflower with carne molida and oaxaca cheese

Recipe#2 – my first ever cheesecake

Mistakes: (hubby tells me i always watch cooking videos but end up fucking up because of my innate need to experiment, a quality that I got from my mother.)

Overdid the crust using an entire 1/2 quarter cup of butter, should have used only 3 tablespoons.

Overdid the eggs too, used 3 instead of just 2.

After it was out it tasted like flan but now that its refrigerated, it turned out fuckin delicious.