Little things that matter

My husband gave me a tight long hug out of the blue while i was napping upstairs and thanked me for putting up with him for days because he was sick and being i guess difficult. Getting a hug and love like that was amazing and im thankful he appreciates. I just want him to be well and better.

nailing the fluffy fudgy chocolate cupcake


brownieI have to give this to my husband who critiques my baking, and I took it to heart to figure out the secret to a fluffy cupcake, I hope this one works this time. Because if i still went on with my insane method i’d be feeding him rocks instead.

Introducing, my fluffy 3x sifted goodness of fudgy beautiful mess.

Method: include the sugar with the dry ingredients and mix it before dumping the room temp butter as I mix.  the expert i sought to mentioned that the batter should have a a mousse-like consistency, not the usual watery dripping mess I’m so used to.

(because I am lazy to clean up hahaaha)


what could have been improved with this mixture:

  1. it should stay in the oven for 15 mins, vertically because my oven is weird.
  2. don’t put the water underneath it anymore.
  3. i ordered a cake flour for next time hahahaha

My running report

Jogging in the morning is a habit that I already ingrained in my head since moving in our new apartment about 5 months ago. Weirdest thing, is that even when I lack sleep or seriously exhausted still, there is no debate: My body automatically gets up, as soon as my knee is not bad.

As for weight loss,  I don’t really worry about it in my head all the time, compared to the previous months where I constantly obsess about my fatass, but I recently hit the 168 as far as I know… I’ve  never weighed this fuckin light since coming here in the U.S.  Didn’t really made a huge deal about it, and I’m just taking it day by day, and each day is fuckin splendid. My pants are dropping and my foods are filling so it’s obvious I’m doing something great!

uber stories: Italian prejudice against one another; riding from Japantown and the education system in America

today’s uber story was one of the best in conversations, round trip. For the most part, my experiences here riding uber living in the SF Bay Area are smooth , compared to my husband who always, on one part or the other was less soothing.

Angela, my driver on the way to the City was a fifty-something sweet of a woman who’s a San Francisco native. We clicked right away, I always ask when I come inside the car how long they’re ubering for, and for a short time of 3 weeks, she has 5 stars already. She handed me a see’s candy and her car was equipped with the essentials! even offered mirrors and a birthday card!

I always ask the uber drivers whats the worst passenger they’ve had. For the most of her stint in uber, she just had one. She shared how one rich passenger gave her an awful comment on despite her 35minute effort to bring the passenger to the airport, she got a report that she was speeding. WTF right. But wisdom comes with age I guess as she just shrugged it off, and says that the positives definitely outnumbers the negatives.

Angela told me also about a note from a mother’s passenger about how she changed the passenger’s life by offering advice on taking college right after graduation, as opposed to the kid’s initial decision on “taking a year off to discover myself”which is basically a millenial’s templated way of thinking from kids.

She shared about her Italian roots and how her 5 year age difference from her Sicilian husband didn’t matter, and that Italians are prejudiced against each other, her thoughts as well about the story on about how a lot of immigrants are taking away the jobs was eye-opening. she said, when you think about it, all of us are immigrants, she said, despite being born and raised in the Bay Area she said, we all came from another part of the world or the other.

Her motherly ways is amazing, and her navigation was awesome, not to mention her cute way of trying to relate in my Filipino roots by speaking a little tagalog, which I found endearing. For that over 30 minute ride, it didn’t seem like it, and when she dropped me off at my destination I said I sincerely hope to meet hera gain, and for a moment there I got teary eyed, cos conversations were that good.

In Japantown, I got a ride from John, a teacher for over 2 decades living in Japan, but now back in his native San Francisco. Ubering for 2 years, He said it’s a coincidence to drive by Japantown.

He compared the way Japananese kids treat their teachers, which is an entirely opposite way of how kids in the US teach theirs, and yes, I have to agree, coming from the Philippines as well, we treat teachers like rock stars. It’s funny how when I said “how come most of the kids here don’t respect the elders?” and he said “well you have to stop at respect.. they dont’t respect everyone!” and we both laughed. the education system he said is flawed, well whose system is perfect, anyway although I would understand since he taught at one of the best schools in Japan, which I fuckin forgot.

If there’s anything Uber has done apart from revolutionizing the way people take public transportation, it’s that connection between logical people-person humans who like to converse and get to know others.

There might be some negative experiences, about Uber, sure but as Angela’s story about her one bad uber passenger resonated with me, she said that it’s one negative out of a hundred positives.


So in my foray to HFLC eating, I’ve been meaning to try this noodle out of curiosity for the longest time. Being a SouthEast Asian, of course our culinary presentation is also bordering on noodles and endless carbs.

I chanced upon Miracle noodle it at a specialty grocery in Pacifica, and it sells for 3 bucks for one serving. Considering the price of this little carb wonder, I don’t mind paying for a 1 serving pack. Regular pasta/ vermicelli noodles come at about a fraction of a price but the carb content difference is fucking astronomical.

I tell myself, if I can pay 9-10 bucks for the phad thai in one sitting from our favorite local thai joint, then this is nothing, considering the carb content.

price carbs (per serving)
Regular Vermicelli 1.99 25 grams
Miracle Noodle 3.25 2 grams