33/100 lemonades out of lemons: maximizing raw milk

Raw milk is love and it is sold in sprouts nearby. Had to go back drinking milk but had to opt to Raw because of the incredible nutritients it provides. 

It stemmed from my diagnosis from my chiropractor (more on that in the coming posts) that I had to take a high dose of vit d and calcium. And i refuse to supplement with d and calcium (mighy do that soon though) to boost my aging bones.

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32/100 lemonades: minor accident and we literally walked away with minor cuts

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31/100 lemonades: no thursday thai 

Cranky as fuck i wanted to eat out as soon as we got off work. Was silently seething when hubby didnt make a right turn to my fave thai place.  

Then it dawned on me that the positives outweigh the unhealthy thinking in my head:

1. Saved bout 50 bucks from not eating out

2. Nourishing and controlled food at home

3. Cooking still is the best.

Yeah its way better.

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30 of 100 lemonades -package to the Philippines arrived ahead of time

lemonadesThis made my day that the package I sent to my family arrived ahead of schedule. Despite my mom’s weird pleads to not spend a lot on buying stuff and sending it to the Philippines, I know they do enjoy the months worth of stuff that we send. That’s the least I can do to be able to send my love to my family six thousand miles away.

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29/100 walgreens and its insane promo today until next week


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28/100 lemonades was a sore ass and an amazing fitness video find

Paul Katami is my recent youtube find (thanks to the uploader) and this workout ain’t no joke. 

What I like about this one is how all moving parts of the workout centered on the core, and he knows his exercises flawlessly. I am officially a fan. 

What I also appreciate about him is he is Gay! But found that an hour after the workout when I stalked his ig. Setting aside his gender preference, what I adore also was the fact that he doesnt try to be tough on you, or rub in your face that he’s a tough trainer (yes bob harper and jillian michaels, i’m talking to you). His workout set will speak for itself, but never fails to.remind you to do the correct form.

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Lemonades 27/ 100 The mind gives up before the body does- yoga youtube teacher

Started my day with an amazing yoga abs and what struck me with this exercise was how one needs to be mindful whenever you move your core. Little things that typically people ignore but serves so well in the long term. 

She also pointed out that no time as this time. Meaning to really make use of the time that you devote to your body. 

After this very mindful exercise, I finished with a heavy lifting using bob harper’s workout.

This is in conjunction with his heart attack a few weeks ago. Just trying to be relevant with the current event lol

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