33/100 lemonades out of lemons: maximizing raw milk

Raw milk is love and it is sold in sprouts nearby. Had to go back drinking milk but had to opt to Raw because of the incredible nutritients it provides. 

It stemmed from my diagnosis from my chiropractor (more on that in the coming posts) that I had to take a high dose of vit d and calcium. And i refuse to supplement with d and calcium (mighy do that soon though) to boost my aging bones.


Lemon bar fail

One Saturday with the last four eggs and just enough chutzpah, I decided it would be amazing to make my own lemon bar.


1 1/2 cup almond flour and half a cup of coconut oil for the crust wp-1479057326332.jpg

Note to self: don’t rely on youtube videos to walk you through a baking challenge. My lemon bar ended in a crusty flaky mess.



modifications should be: just use 3 eggs, add a little flour to bind the filling and set the oven at 350 all throughout.

Lesson learned the crusty way.

Though I must say, even if my husband just took one bite and a “bleh” face,  this would be my go to dessert from now on.




raw honey + crew =beautiful cup of love

I have no qualms with drinking only black coffee, but  I am attached to the process of concocting my own creamy coffee cup— sort of an art form and that completes my morning.

My typical morning sequence is waking up, kissing my sleeping hubby and take out the heavy cream off the fridge… I do that, day in and out and even during the weekend.

Before moving here in the U.S.,I packed three bags of a local Philippine coffee called Kapeng Barako in my luggage because I know I will be depending on it everyday.

Kapeng Barako is dark roasted, less acidic and packs a real punch, theres nothing like it in my palate.

I live for that and took pride in creating my own special type of brew, I abhor the green ubiquitous mermaid lady that made coffee an overpriced commodity;  as much as I can. Apart from exploitation of coffee farmers, methinks they are incredibly overrated, heavily sprayed with pesticides as well as they just don’t really taste good.

Going back to my long love affair with that dark cup—

For years, the partner of my kapeng barako in the Philippines  is  powdered milk, but since powdered milk here in California is just the crappy one from nestle, liquid milk with has a ton of sugar, I said no thanks.

I now subsist on the 4.99 pack Grinded  Dark Roast from Trader Joe’s, which  has a nice earthy taste to it provided I brew 5 spoonfuls to a cup of water, not near as delicious as kapeng barako but almost the same.

I forgot how I discovered about on using whipped cream, to my cup, but an alarming 12 grams per tablespoon of condensed milk made me think that perhaps it also contributed to my weight gain.

For now, temporarily, I fantasize on loading up on my organic, pasture-raised Trader Joe’s heavy whipping cream swirling in my dark cup as I make it first thing in the morning. However, I am rethinking my raw honey this time around.


Bagel pizzs and some chicken fail from TJs


Most of the time, Trader Joes never fail. But this grilled chicken we got was just plain sad.
So I have to reboot this for tomorrows dinner.
Maybe shower with mozzarella and marinara sauce or something.

I love cooking, specially delighted whenever I see my love devouring my cooked meal.

My lower back is now better. Fuck Imma be back in my crazy circuits

But first. Several images during my shoots.


Tuesday: local celebrity turned chef preaches about the goodness of using canola oil.
Well I don’t know about that. Canola seeds are massly produced in the 60s by wesson i forgot but yeah which was followed by the biggest PR money making scheme of marketing canola oil as healthy.
Who are they kidding?
Not me.


Not as good as the actual ramen from the japanese place I love

Wednesday: time to binge and use calorie cycling as an excuse to eat ramen.
Not as good but who complains when youre given free food?
The perks of my job, Yes.


Thursday, today: Press conference of an acai berry juice. At about 2,500 pesos a bottle or roughly about 60 dollars, you get a highly raved, concentrated form of acai from the amazon the product manager says but who’s to know?
Plus the selling pitch is its a super food.
Id prefer creating my own juice, thanks.
Call me ignorant but Ive tried several healthy concoctions in my lifetime, this tasted like spoiled prune blended with  bit of beets and actual dirt.

Thats the rundown of my week so far. Busy with shoots, crazy episodes of traffic and dodging bullshit from companies. I love my dual jobs. You get to critique and butcher them. The life of a segment tv producer.