Oh like I dont do this all the time! 

Because I practice catharsis all the freakin time even on social media



There are some days when you plan but doesn’t go your way. And thats my monday.  I planned to run last night but didnt because I spent about 2 hours lying wide awake at 12am. Tomorrow will be a better day. Im typing this as I lay on my stomach in my chiropractor’s clinic. Zzz

Different things to do in the Gym (ASIDE FROM WORKOUT)

Because I was an idiot for not packing an extra pair in our car, I ended up staring at the dance studio in church clothes yesterday.
So I racked my brains out of ways to kill my time, because typically we spend about 2 hours at the gym and I have no desire to exercise in my flip flops.

I had my gym clothes packed as always, but I never really have a habit of bringing my shoes along.


1. Shower loooonger— wash hair about 3 times.
2. Organize and disinfect gym bag
3. Chat on IG
4. Hit the coffee shop- even though I strongly boycott the green siren coffee due to its psuedo fair trade practices, I had no choice.
5. Watch TV in the lockers

As I ponder my absent mindedness and idiocy, this sweet lady post cardio greeted me about how beautiful I looked,because I’m in church clothes.
After thanking her, I playfully mentioned my predicament.
She laughlingly said, “well you can swim!”, and pointed to the glistening pool outside.

I stopped myself from also declaring I can’t swim.
Lesson learned:  Pack a fuckin pair even the crappiest gym shoes.


post wedding (semi) rants


Random post wedding  rants and tiny disappointments

Yes, its one day of almost a million pesos but it’s all worth it.

Now that we’re settled and living the married life, which is bigger, more fulfilling and much more important than the actual wedding day, now that I just thought of it, here are some of the few things that I regretted a little and hoping that the brides to be would find a little helpful.


  1. Should have opted NOT to get that  stupid chandelier.
     It was an additional option given by our wedding reception venue. It’s really beautiful, sure, and I admit I gave into that typical impulsion after seeing it  when we did an ocular before months after our huge day. Looking back, the wedding and Instagram posts of some friends look nice, but I think I could have put it to good use, like the next item.

Money down the drain: P8,000


  1. Should have been more about OC about the church flowers. My church flowers looked exactly  what I paid for. Cheap and chaka (fugly). Thankfully my bouquet was decent (which they followed quite well on my photo reference)  and my handsome groom made it all  perfect. Perfection aside, and talking about my florist, this was the biggest disappointment of all… and regretted that I went cheap on my church flowers.

    Thats the topiary? Wtf?

I wasn’t opting for a garden or a sea of tulips, or a freakin expensive floral set-up. I simply asked for a nice peach circular topiary. Topiary. To-pee-a-ree. Per our contract, that was what we agreed upon.

Before booking the florist, I even  clearly showed the actual photo of the flowers  to the florist  whom I met in a bridal fair. Sadly, she did not deliver well. May I also add my groom’s boutonnière kept on trippin, UGH! Thankfully, that day was simply full of bliss and love that we didn’t care really.

However,  brides, please, please be mindful to always make sure that you have communicated very well what you want. If possible, get someone who also has an accessible page online, like a facebook page!  I got an ugly ass pseudo-wreath that looked like shit and even got in the way as me and my father walked down the aisle. That was my biggest regret.

Money down the drain: P15,000


  1. Should have printed less wedding invitations.

Hands down we are pleased with our invitations supplier. I have over thirty or more beautiful invitations that was left. I didn’t give it much thought, counting those who will only be given the invitations.  Now

Money down the drain: P3,000.

  1. Ugly ass car cover

Money down the drain: none








Things I’ve learned:

1, Your suppliers can also eventually be your friends

  1. Don’t haggle if you don’t want to have
  2. Research well and trust your insticts.


Watch “I’m NOT Donating to Breast Cancer for the Cure | SOCIAL AUTOPSY #4” on YouTube

This is why I refuse to buy those silly ribbons and commemorative cosmetics in pink. Don’t trust huge corporations most esp big pharma.

They arw out to shed millions for themselves and not for patients.

Its that time of the years again where pink ribbons and accessories and other products will be in demand.
Thia video simplifies the decades long argument of refusing to don anything from those so called cure for cancer.

I just realized it is a lot of work to be a couch potato.

Saturday, today was pretty relaxed. My workout can be summarized into probably 10% of cardio—Only be because I need to go downstairs for a drink. 

No max 30 today, shin hurted- following our three hour walk at the mall yesterday with my sister. Though I really fucked over my diet, really stuffed my face junk and the crazy sugar processed cookies and white rice well until today. The realization dawns just now a quarter before 8pm.

But i didnt let today pass without punishing my triceps and lower abs.

So I went heavy on the triceps with 30lbs 20 reps both arms x 5 while watching say yes to the dress, thanks to youtube, I got to punish the lower abs with cassey ho and xhiit abs muffin top melter, its all good.