Thank you Pinterest!

A parting gift to our sweet landlady. Inspired by giftbaskets from Pinterest. I think I overdid it but heck I’d go for the dollar store basket next time lol. This whole thing costs about 60 bucks and to think they were all from Marshalls.


30 of 100 lemonades -package to the Philippines arrived ahead of time

lemonadesThis made my day that the package I sent to my family arrived ahead of schedule. Despite my mom’s weird pleads to not spend a lot on buying stuff and sending it to the Philippines, I know they do enjoy the months worth of stuff that we send. That’s the least I can do to be able to send my love to my family six thousand miles away.

It’s that giddy time of the year 🎁🎅🎄⛄⛄







It’s that time of the year when Christmas trees are up, and  the hands are all cracked and fucked because of this insane Northern California weather, away from the tropics where I hail. This is my second Christmas in California and I absolutely love it, despite being away from my loving family. Just a little post before  our US Immigration interview tomorrow.



9 Months after….

Nope! I’m not pregnant!

This is the month that took for me to convince myself (actually, my hubby)  that it’s alright to visit a hair salon.

Because compared to my beloved Pilipinas, a salon trip there is a fraction of how astronomical it costs here in the U.S.
That is the reason it took me almost 9 months and have my hair colored!
I try to live below our means and my husband just laughs at my antics because in all seriousness, it’s not a huge deal to him,  but to me… a freakin 120 DOLLARS of Hair color + Haircut is HUGGGEEE Deal!

Case in point:
A full blown hair color, mani and pedicure would cost me about 1500 PESOS- thats around 32 US Dollars!

But then again seeing the results, and the work that my stylist did, I’m quite amazed. I really got my money’s worth
Anyway, the result was nothing short of amazing and I’m glad my hubby encouraged me because daymm I look like a huge mess prior to this!

Sunday sore workout


My ass and the rest of my  lower part was aching like crazy from 1000 squats yesterday.
But I trudged on!

20 mins jog at the treadmill
15 mins rows

Im very very satisfied.

Todays sunday was fun. We didnt do laundry. Sometimes I drag myself to laundry even if its easy to do.

We just went to westlake, ate at banana island and look around at ross. Finally I got me a nice peeler. Yay.


But the highlight of my Ross trip was finding out the curlers ive been wanting was there. On sale!