Building thick skin 101

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Too much sensitivity can stop you from following your goals and passions in life – because you are too concerned with how other people think of you, and you’re not comfortable just being yourself despite the negative judgments.

If you look at most successful people in life, they will often have a layer of thick skin that desensitizes them from this type of unhelpful criticism and hate.


One month has passed since the accident- and other takeaways

Exactly a month ago our lives changed in split second when an oblivious driver hit our vehicle, making our beloved and well taken care of vehicle roll over twice.

By some miraculous twist of fate, despite the miserable condition of the vehicle, we literally walked out injury-free, just minor cuts and bruising and me, a little emotionally rattled. Authorities who rescued and were in the scene told told me that it was really a blessing that we were protected by our car.

To commemorate this one month event,  I wanted to share several takeaways from this life-changing incident, apart from the typical FOLLOW the goddamn signs, something that the other driver obviously didn’t bother doing.

  1. Seatbelt saves lives. After we were hit end and flipped over, we ended up the  side , so we were held together by the seatbelt. It should be called a life belt.
  2. Be a conscious passenger. Don’t always rely on your driver to do the navigation. I’m guilty of this but try my best to be otherwise.
  3. Anger doesn’t cure anything. After we were rescued, I was ready to wring the neck of the other driver. Thankfully my calm husband advised to be quiet.
  4. Invest in a Dash Camera. Being the cheapskate that I am, I reluctantly said yes months prior to getting a dashcam. Little did I knew that it would totally change everything, once we showed it to the police. Freakin strong evidence right there.
  5. The goodness in people are innate. My husband who held my hand while we were in that situation, the residents who hurried to the scene and immediately called 911, the residents who offered to provide us everything during that accident. I can’t even count the number of kind people who were willing to help.

Special mention to my amazing husband for his kindness, his patience and selflessness as we went through this entire ordeal.

After being hit after he made sure we are alright, and while still inside the vehicle flipped to the side, I heard him asked if the other driver was okay. I wouldn’t even care to ask because obviously we were the one wronged in this situation.

Bless my husband for being a selfless freakin hero, even though we were hit, he made the conscious effort to check if the other car was okay.

I am so grateful each and everyday to wake up to this perfection of a man.

The need to disconnect

wp-image-1298266542png.png Apart from our daily gym adventures, me ang my asawa made it a point to sashay around the block during lunchbreak. And it hit me when he blurted out that I need to disconnect. To embrace  our daily activity sans my phone.

That incessant notification from my mobile device has been such a disadvantage. And what shame to always be in autopilot even when I don’t have any message on my phone. Technology has been instrumental in monitoring our health and fitness, and the need to connect with my lovedones in the philippines, yet the caveat is I tend to forget that sometimes I need to tone it down because I have a loving asawa to take care of.


Oh my its 83 days already?


Started the first day of the love month an hour early—
Woke up at 630am because I have to prepare my hubby’s meal and do a little cleaning before

I liked how the sun reflected the trees when I opened the door.

Its by birthday month!


Its also 83 days since we got married.
I’m more in love to my hubby more than ever

Brides: make your hair and make-up the top priority!

other brides declare how they want to invest their weddings to the best photographer and videographer.

other advice say brides must research and get those with great credibility,
because they claim it will be forever.
The best things I ever invested on the wedding was my bridal hair and makeup. To think that I didnt even spent a huge amount on makeup…

Being in the Television Industry, I had my fair share of colleagues who does make up professionally.
But… But…. But….

In choosing my wedding makeup, I never seek their expertise. Enter the advice of my wedding coordinator/ planner and friend, who echoed in my head.
And I shall forever be grateful for her advice.
And I quote:

Get a professional Bridal Makeup Artist!
Natural Lights on your wedding and the lights on the reception is different to the ones you see on TV!

You see, initially, I was bent on getting the service of one of the makeup artists who does the stuff see on Philippine News broadcasts, relying on the advice of others that they do great, blah-blah blah…

  that curly flow







So here it is, the inevitable, the most abominable…
the dreaded post-wedding weight gain!
I clearly remember, several weeks after coming here in California–
And I was whining to my sister in law about how everything is freakin abundant here. About how much food is served compared to where I came from.
And then she said… “girl, you have to be careful about the after-wedding weight gain… look at me.”
and then she recounted how slim she was prior to getting married. A size 4 and now shes twice her size, three years after her wedding.

While I am never really that tiny, my weight for my height was considerably decent for me back home in the Philippines, and I exercise on a regular basis, my body thrives for it.
Fast forward almost three months later, I never keep track of the numbers, but I take note of my clothes.
I hate that feeling of getting into them. I exercise, yes, but I eat maybe twice or thrice the amount!

investing in your health
After enrolling at this athletic club with my hubby, i normally spend on average forty minutes on the elliptical, and rowing, and just recently am loving the treadmill.
Despite the eight hour work, cardio at 7pm is really doing me good, and now focusing more on ignoring the crazy junkfood in the office.

I cannot outdo exercise when I eat twice as much as before.
I have to admit that I don’t give it much thought but now I really have to be mindful of eating.