Baking in glass vs baking tin pan

Glass: took about 5 mins more, but more moist and airy

Baking tin: a little dry

Must note that i baked this along with a water bath to ensure its moist-ness


nailing the fluffy fudgy chocolate cupcake


brownieI have to give this to my husband who critiques my baking, and I took it to heart to figure out the secret to a fluffy cupcake, I hope this one works this time. Because if i still went on with my insane method i’d be feeding him rocks instead.

Introducing, my fluffy 3x sifted goodness of fudgy beautiful mess.

Method: include the sugar with the dry ingredients and mix it before dumping the room temp butter as I mix.  the expert i sought to mentioned that the batter should have a a mousse-like consistency, not the usual watery dripping mess I’m so used to.

(because I am lazy to clean up hahaaha)


what could have been improved with this mixture:

  1. it should stay in the oven for 15 mins, vertically because my oven is weird.
  2. don’t put the water underneath it anymore.
  3. i ordered a cake flour for next time hahahaha

Coconut flour cheddar muffins

cheddar muffins coconut flour 2

kinda biting onto a cheesy  biscuit.

The star of the show:

5 eggs +  1/2 cup coconut flour from my motherland (thanks Trader Joe’s for importing from the Philippines) 

1/2 stick butter 

350 degrees for 15 mins, and enjoy the warm and moist cheesy gooey mess straight from the oven

Mind you, a 1/2 cup of dry coconut flour is 21 grams of carbs s

Meal prep saturday: cheesecake and a messy cheesy cauliflower casserole

Recipe 1-cauliflower with carne molida and oaxaca cheese

Recipe#2 – my first ever cheesecake

Mistakes: (hubby tells me i always watch cooking videos but end up fucking up because of my innate need to experiment, a quality that I got from my mother.)

Overdid the crust using an entire 1/2 quarter cup of butter, should have used only 3 tablespoons.

Overdid the eggs too, used 3 instead of just 2.

After it was out it tasted like flan but now that its refrigerated, it turned out fuckin delicious.

Meal prepping and cooking 3pm-10pm

Bake # 1 

Cheesecake muffin inspired korean, underbaked, but better than the rock I did yesterday.

took a 30 min nap to prepare for battle.
Cook # 2 its for dinner

Fried fish with sauteed spinach in lemon garlic butter sauce- which is superb imo.

Broil #3 – to bring to our potlock tomorrow.

Hasselback chicken, always easy always fancy

I didnt get to take a photo as soon as it hit my take out foil tray

Bake #4- another batch for muffin, which got a little burned.

Muffin set at 475 for 9 mins (which essentially burned 

Broil # 5 – my Filipino beef longganisa (which is not sweet I hate sweet main courses) this is for our week long prep of lunches for work, i have yet to prep my coleslaw for the week. 

Combine toyo, suka and a whole host of marinades. Lovely taste, with a hint of spice but not overpowering. I betcha my hubby would wolf this down with vinegar.


Lemon bar fail

One Saturday with the last four eggs and just enough chutzpah, I decided it would be amazing to make my own lemon bar.


1 1/2 cup almond flour and half a cup of coconut oil for the crust wp-1479057326332.jpg

Note to self: don’t rely on youtube videos to walk you through a baking challenge. My lemon bar ended in a crusty flaky mess.



modifications should be: just use 3 eggs, add a little flour to bind the filling and set the oven at 350 all throughout.

Lesson learned the crusty way.

Though I must say, even if my husband just took one bite and a “bleh” face,  this would be my go to dessert from now on.