Behavior modified

It’s funny how things turn for the better when you set yourself a goal. Full credit to my husband for the tough love since I’m fuckin way too sensitive. I didn’t realize that all things adds¬† up with tiny purchases- and I’m able to see now the bigger scheme of things, as opposed to the loser behavior of looking at things in smaller batches,¬† and living life to what society dictates and suffer later.

I love our life, our lifestyle and it fulfills me that our vision together is motivation to have a better life, and not to look at others lives. It’s fulfilling to see that we don’t have debts, never owed anyone money, etc.


It’s been two months since I signed up for a monthly fee of $10 bucks and it has changed my motivation to run dramatically.
I think I even pushed myself too hard by following the coach that I totally ignored my knee pains now it’s all fucked.
Although othe than that, I it is absolutely the best!