34/100 lemonades: iKEA over Craigslist won


One week at our place today.

Thanks to Ikea and its affordable range of furniture, we were able to furnish our modest apartment for goddamn cheap!

Finally my husband opened his eyes that living with others won’t be good since we treat our living space very sacred.

Initially we considered buying stuff off craigslist, but  the amount of time plus the prices were not really something we expected for what we have in mind.  So off to Ikea we went yesterday. At 328 bucks,  we got a modest livingroom  sleeper sofa, a rug, a nice dining set and all my kitchen trinkets as well. What a steal

20 of 100 lemonades out of ugly lemons- I get to exercise again today

So after a week of workout hiatus (I did hiked over the weekend though) I got to do a slow plie squat again. I think I need to modify my workouts to focus on slow lifting for the time being.

I’m am just super glad to be able to exercise this morning, and backpains are no longer making itself known.

Meanwhile when the husband is away… i take a hike! lemonades out of lemons 11/100


wp-1485048869297.pngI was hell bent on not coming with the husband to have our car fixed because I had things to do, topping my list was  to finish my laundry as soon as I can because that weekend forecast is again gloomy. After finishing that one off, I took a hike again, and it took me two hours. It didn’t even felt like it was two hours because the scenery was just breathtaking. I really felt lucky to be living in beautiful San Bruno where Sweeney Ridge is just a couple of blocks away.

As I was climbing down the steep hills, there was a very light drizzle, for which I momentarily panicked but thankfully got back safe and albeit a little misty, still was thankful to be able to exercise. Plus, I hit a milestone of 25,000 steps during that day, which was incredible.