Hitting hard on the first day of summer

waking up to exercise is really a habit I developed at the beginning of the year, and today marks the first day of summer, so I can’t pass the opportunity to work my ass off.

2.75 km around the block, with a 100 m walking lunge, bowlers and jump squats while I gasp for air.

I exercise first thing in the morning  because my backpain is gone, I feel happier and fulfilled and I get to eat mexican food!


Starting Friday be like

My morning sprint!

Finally gotten over myjetlag. And I did coached sprints today. Completely way better than my half-assed walk yesterday.

A morning workout well spent, just in time before weekend, yay! 

I forgot to change my setting in runkeeper and it simply logged “walk”

33/100 lemonades out of lemons: maximizing raw milk

Raw milk is love and it is sold in sprouts nearby. Had to go back drinking milk but had to opt to Raw because of the incredible nutritients it provides. 

It stemmed from my diagnosis from my chiropractor (more on that in the coming posts) that I had to take a high dose of vit d and calcium. And i refuse to supplement with d and calcium (mighy do that soon though) to boost my aging bones.

26/100- Using the powerblock for the first time

There is just an inexplicable high after a COMPLETED workout. Moments when I really pushed to finish and not just half-ass my way through the exercise.
What makes it even more incredible is if it’s done first thing in the morning.

I can’t put a finger to it to be honest, it’s just incredible.
After the disastrous second week of February when I just had to stop completely my exercises, I have recovered, taking my green morning smoothies since getting my ninja auto iq for my bday, and now I feel absolutely great.

Anyhoo going back to my high. Yes, morning workouts kick my ass and I love it. It’s my first time to use our $300 powerblock and I gotta admit that there’s a limited range of motion, but I ain’t complaining! I can really adjust the movement. What I just have to be careful of is not to wake my husband up. Because I was working out in our bedroom.
Plus, that new Hoist workout bench is also a dream! I can’t get enough of it.
I believe investing in our health is the top priority, even if this cost us more than $500 bucks total, I LOVE THAT I get to do it now at HOME where no GERMS are goin to haunt me unlike that expensive Athletic club membership!

I just can’t get enough of it. I’m super glad hubby decided to finally get it over the weekend.

Day 1 of 21 and giving up dairy is for the most part, tragic. 


DAY1  of NO heavy Cream:

Experimenting with giving up that heavy cream, and other dairy is like breaking up with a very long relationship.

It’s not even just dairy that I will be switching off for the time being, but also sugar, bread and peanuts and eggs— part of my 21 day elimination experiment to see if I’m intolerant of these foods.

However, parting with dairy for three weeks seemed three months.

Ever since moving here in the US, my weight gain is alarming, that despite eating clean majority of the time, around 70% of my week.
I feel bloated, the extra fats still hasn’t melted off.

Although I have to say I’ve gained endurance immensely with our 5-6 x a week gym trips, but the goddamn waist still hasn’t clearly budged.

Perhaps there’s seriously something wrong with  the dairy here compared in the Philippines where I drank coffee for years and had no issues.

So anyway, below are the summary for me to look back on in 21 days forward.

  1. I was lethargic came lunchtime
  2. No energy come 9pm
  3. Noticed my heavy stomach is pretty much improved.

sick of cauliflower rice?


So after eating clean for three weeks now—
inspired by my amazing hubby, I feel incredibly different, a lot different than say a month ago.

im eating so low in carbs in night time, and just vegetables and proteins. my husband, who is an epitome of extreme discipline, skips carbs altogether. thank god for all the docus ive forcefed him unintentionally, he now listens about how refined sugar and carbs and fuckin juice is detrimental to our liver.
anyway… for quite some time now, actually months—
i’ve accustomed to the taste of cauliflower rice which I’ve concocted in various recipes.
But who would have thought its also outstanding as the rice for chicken curry?!?
Now I’ve added it to my roster of cauliflower recipes

Cauliflower rice chicken curry

1 cup cauliflower rice
1 Trader Joe’s organic coconut milk
1 tbsp curry powder
pinch of curry
leftover chicken katsu from hawaiian bbq