Literally DONE with therapy! (after 3+ months)

It is the day  I am so waiting to come and I didn’t expect it to be brought up today.

I’m just trying to make it really dramatic than it already is, but hell to the fuckin yea we are done!

Right before my chiropractor started with the regular spine  alignment stuff— he asked me how am I doing as always, replied positively with a doing good.

To be honest,  at the latter part of therapy I can’t wait to be done because in my head, I am done, this is just throwing away money, throwing my time just for the benefit of a the medical practitioner who is pretty ok but of course understandably so is just after quantity. of patients coming in.


Stuck in a workout rut

Im typingthis during the time I still should be working out. I was determined 30 mins ago to run and work my heart rate and everything but rain started to pour as soon as i literally stepped on the tracks. God not even a kilometer finished and i had to walk back home and instead of working out i just walked around and wasted precious minutes. Its been tough with this stupid lower back but I know I couldve done things even in my condition. I will have a good plan tomorrow. And keep eating clean today. 

lemonades out of lemons 18/100- old woman walking… healthily

If I am writing in the pessimist tone, I would be frowning upon right now and forlorn. Monday beckoned, awoke us with the sordid fact that there is a week-long barrage of rains,   getting up and busting my ass to workout this morning was an insane struggle,  and now I felt this all too- familiar pain in my lower back. And my coworker who is a model for professionalism didn’t even had the decency to mention that she’s taking the week off making me guess about her whereabouts, facing her client and everything that just is not working on a Monday.

I’m just venting.

I’m in a moderate amount of pain. Pains that typically I get when i had 1. too much sex (I have not, mind you) 2. or did strong kickboxing punches or crazy burpees without tightening my core or 3. Just the imminent reminder that I am adding another year old in two weeks.

other than this whining, Monday is still lovely, no boss, the peace and complete control of what I want to do today, and stalk my crush—aka my hubby who happens to be my coworker as well. Yes, this first Monday of February is really adorably sweet.

One ugly bent was all it took

And now I’m walking sideways again like a goddamm zombie. It happened last night as I was cleaning the plate cabinet.

I’m trying my best to work my way around it today. On a happier note, we are celebrating our first anniversary and a 5 day weekend. Yes!!! 5 day of amazing trips, relaxation and staycation! Couldnt be happier! 

First impressions on JM’s Body Shred


Mind you I did this on a Sunday while still nursing my nasty injury on my left wrist; I don’t know if its carpal tunnel but 2 days ago it hurted I cant even clench my wrist…
So anyway..

This Cardio 1 is actually okay, I love JM, I’m a subscriber of her podcast sure, but workout dvd-wise I honestly look for Beachbody™ quality stuff that I’m used to.

A. Workout music was ho-hum
B. No graphics or text to clearly illustrate what workout it is..
C. Lack of “normal people”- I know how she said in her podcast that one of the qualities she looks for her casting is diversity, hence the entire race is present; however, the normalcy and relatability to people like me are well, set aside.
D. Doable exercise. My gauge of an intense workout is when my husband naps and wakes up mid sleep while I bust my ass on a workout, thats a good cardio.
E. Set was sooo dim. I dont mean to be as white as Turbo fire set but a nicely lit workout is seriously motivating.

Anyway all these aforementioned aside, I still adore JM.

Pushing while hurtin

While I know that whole old premise of no pain no gain is an age old bullshit…


I jus feel the need to really make this February 29 2016 count.
Im still insanely sore from my saturday exercise excess but after eating tonight which is relatively healthy…
Still I believe I am driven to exercise on a Monday.
I was successful with my attempt with my intermittent fasting, successfully killing my sugar craving.
As I type this im still walking on incline at the treadmill. I just tried for 10 mins to run, but I felt my chest was literally bouncing off where the boobies are.
The struggle was real, the leg was screaming, i was cramping.

But the feeling is jus incomparable.
Fuck yea.

Light headed sunday after workout, and crazy sunday

After a non stop cardio and les mills this lunch time, i felt really light headed as i hit the showers.

The feeling scared the crap out of me i really thought i was gonna pass out.

Its a mixture of like almost throwing up and choking as if im running out of breath, deep inhalations didnt work.

As soon as i semi showered, i called my hubby who’s waiting for me at the lobby and asked for water.

I remember feeling this a while back but not after an exercise.

This is just the second time I felt it after getting into the habit of working out after going to church at 11am.

Hubby claims it must be because i pushed my self too hard today, on an empty stomach




If you do experience lightheadedness following a workout, lay down and keep your head level with your heart—do not allow your head to drop below your heart, according to Go Ask Alice, a health and wellness resource from Columbia University. This will help to restore blood flow to the brain, helping to reduce lightheadedness. As you begin to feel better, drinking an electrolyte-containing drink to restore fluid balance or eating a banana or crackers can help to incorporate minerals into your body.

Im really getting used to this routine. Hubby is not complaining,  despite it looked complete torture, since we mutually agreed that this should be our Sunday habit because We unofficially declare Saturday as an unofficial hibernation day.

This a typical Sunday for us:

730am I wake up
9.30 leave for church in daly city
11am done, fly over to the gym in burlingame
1pm lunch
3pm laundry
5pm grocery- love Trader Joe’s