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Mid-“week-end” well spent

We just recently returned from a two night stay in puerto princesa, lovely palawan. My mother enjoyed it, we too but since its my third time. It’s alright.

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One month has passed since the accident- and other takeaways

Exactly a month ago our lives changed in split second when an oblivious driver hit our vehicle, making our beloved and well taken care of vehicle roll over twice. By some miraculous twist of fate, despite the miserable condition of … Continue reading

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21/100 lemonades out oflemons – my forever valentine

I feel immensely blessed to be spending my daily valentines with my love. They say marriage is work and everything changes and I sure agree but moreso leaning on the more positive and securing fact that your husband is not just … Continue reading

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lemonades out of lemons 18/100- old woman walking… healthily

If I am writing in the pessimist tone, I would be frowning upon right now and forlorn. Monday beckoned, awoke us with the sordid fact that there is a week-long barrage of rains,   getting up and busting my ass … Continue reading

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Starting February in a fab and fasitiv mode- Lemonades and limes 18/100

  Despite the gloomy day that presented itself on the first day of my birthday month…. I have full gratefulness in my heart. After a minor mistake at work, my husband whom is a supportive coworker and my rock encouraged me … Continue reading

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16 /100 lemonades: appreciation for my husband whenever hunger hits

I really am an ugly monster when I’m starving. Yesterday on the way to relatives I was not feeling it when he declared that we would just pick up food  when we get for over an hour later. I was silently … Continue reading

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Lemonades out of lemons 13/100: Office daily with your spouse

I enjoy the time that me and my husband share at work;  I adore when he clowns around, because it’s very rare but when he does, I’m insanely laughing nonstop. He’s the complete contrast of my loud self: He is … Continue reading

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