Mid-“week-end” well spent

We just recently returned from a two night stay in puerto princesa, lovely palawan. My mother enjoyed it, we too but since its my third time. It’s alright.

Newly renovated airport


One month has passed since the accident- and other takeaways

Exactly a month ago our lives changed in split second when an oblivious driver hit our vehicle, making our beloved and well taken care of vehicle roll over twice.

By some miraculous twist of fate, despite the miserable condition of the vehicle, we literally walked out injury-free, just minor cuts and bruising and me, a little emotionally rattled. Authorities who rescued and were in the scene told told me that it was really a blessing that we were protected by our car.

To commemorate this one month event,  I wanted to share several takeaways from this life-changing incident, apart from the typical FOLLOW the goddamn signs, something that the other driver obviously didn’t bother doing.

  1. Seatbelt saves lives. After we were hit end and flipped over, we ended up the  side , so we were held together by the seatbelt. It should be called a life belt.
  2. Be a conscious passenger. Don’t always rely on your driver to do the navigation. I’m guilty of this but try my best to be otherwise.
  3. Anger doesn’t cure anything. After we were rescued, I was ready to wring the neck of the other driver. Thankfully my calm husband advised to be quiet.
  4. Invest in a Dash Camera. Being the cheapskate that I am, I reluctantly said yes months prior to getting a dashcam. Little did I knew that it would totally change everything, once we showed it to the police. Freakin strong evidence right there.
  5. The goodness in people are innate. My husband who held my hand while we were in that situation, the residents who hurried to the scene and immediately called 911, the residents who offered to provide us everything during that accident. I can’t even count the number of kind people who were willing to help.

Special mention to my amazing husband for his kindness, his patience and selflessness as we went through this entire ordeal.

After being hit after he made sure we are alright, and while still inside the vehicle flipped to the side, I heard him asked if the other driver was okay. I wouldn’t even care to ask because obviously we were the one wronged in this situation.

Bless my husband for being a selfless freakin hero, even though we were hit, he made the conscious effort to check if the other car was okay.

I am so grateful each and everyday to wake up to this perfection of a man.

21/100 lemonades out oflemons – my forever valentine

wp-1487107258317.pngI feel immensely blessed to be spending my daily valentines with my love.

They say marriage is work and everything changes and I sure agree but moreso leaning on the more positive and securing fact that your husband is not just your partner, but your love, your bestfriend and everything else.

I appreciate everything my hubby does for me- a man of a few words but with absolute integrity and acts toward things more than speaking it.

lemonades out of lemons 18/100- old woman walking… healthily

If I am writing in the pessimist tone, I would be frowning upon right now and forlorn. Monday beckoned, awoke us with the sordid fact that there is a week-long barrage of rains,   getting up and busting my ass to workout this morning was an insane struggle,  and now I felt this all too- familiar pain in my lower back. And my coworker who is a model for professionalism didn’t even had the decency to mention that she’s taking the week off making me guess about her whereabouts, facing her client and everything that just is not working on a Monday.

I’m just venting.

I’m in a moderate amount of pain. Pains that typically I get when i had 1. too much sex (I have not, mind you) 2. or did strong kickboxing punches or crazy burpees without tightening my core or 3. Just the imminent reminder that I am adding another year old in two weeks.

other than this whining, Monday is still lovely, no boss, the peace and complete control of what I want to do today, and stalk my crush—aka my hubby who happens to be my coworker as well. Yes, this first Monday of February is really adorably sweet.

Starting February in a fab and fasitiv mode- Lemonades and limes 18/100


Despite the gloomy day that presented itself on the first day of my birthday month…. I have full gratefulness in my heart.

After a minor mistake at work, my husband whom is a supportive coworker and my rock encouraged me to make myself indispensable and master my craft at work, telling me to never stress on the things that I cannot control and focus on my skills.

A supporting family despite thousand of miles away, whom always reminded me (specifically mommy) to count my blessings.

The great health and ability to exercise each morning.

And everything else!


16 /100 lemonades: appreciation for my husband whenever hunger hits

I really am an ugly monster when I’m starving. Yesterday on the way to relatives I was not feeling it when he declared that we would just pick up food  when we get for over an hour later. I was silently seething, because I was really  wanting to eat.

Me, practicing the art of silent aggression due to hunger, a phrase that I will coin to describe my monstrous silence following a decision of not eating just went quiet and gritted my teeth in between.

And as always, my husband who’s perpetually sensitive to my needs, asked me to look around for any food area on the way.

I silently said no thanks, we’re already on the freeway, I’ll wait.

and so he turned to a different route to get bagel for me, my silent angered now placated with the warmth of a sourdough bagel sandwhiching  scrambled eggs with savory bacon..



Lemonades out of lemons 13/100: Office daily with your spouse

I enjoy the time that me and my husband share at work;  I adore when he clowns around, because it’s very rare but when he does, I’m insanely laughing nonstop. He’s the complete contrast of my loud self: He is very reserved, his moves are very calm and calculated while I’m all over the place. My husband is  amazing, really and has best work ethic, and I immensely enjoy being witness to that everyday. We work together in one office and it’s so enjoyable to be seeing your spouse everyday 8 hours a week, which is a completely different situation to a typical married people.

Last year, I decided to just stay in this company after his suggestion that I momentarily decline job interviews and offers. The perks at this company outweigh the cons, so for now we just enjoy.