Mid-“week-end” well spent

We just recently returned from a two night stay in puerto princesa, lovely palawan. My mother enjoyed it, we too but since its my third time. It’s alright.

Newly renovated airport


30 of 100 lemonades -package to the Philippines arrived ahead of time

lemonadesThis made my day that the package I sent to my family arrived ahead of schedule. Despite my mom’s weird pleads to not spend a lot on buying stuff and sending it to the Philippines, I know they do enjoy the months worth of stuff that we send. That’s the least I can do to be able to send my love to my family six thousand miles away.

Weekend in a nutshell

1. Played tourist in pier 39
2. Stuffed our face with chocolate fudge….

… Which left me with a huge migraine.
1. Lifted a lot today.
1. Mourned along with the rest of northern california to cavs win vs warriors in my brother jn laws place. Hubby wasn’t too happy but he’s wearing his kyrie shoes. So it meant he’s subconsciously pro cavs.
2. Game of thrones. Loved how bolton got massacred that fucktard.

Day 54 of 90: i dont FEEL unwell, i am ACTUALLY unwell and groggy.

And I dont blame it on the ramen I had the day before. But it was strange that my parents and sis were also feeling a little woozy dizzy since this morning.
So to ward off that nasty dizziness i worked out at 7pm.


And I did the easier 21 day autumns i hate to use the word fix because there’s nothing wrong with me. But yeah 10 minute abs and dirty 30.
That, even if I was so sore on my butt cheeks from yesterdays workout and chest presses.

Im glad I worked out.