Meal prep saturday: cheesecake and a messy cheesy cauliflower casserole

Recipe 1-cauliflower with carne molida and oaxaca cheese

Recipe#2 – my first ever cheesecake

Mistakes: (hubby tells me i always watch cooking videos but end up fucking up because of my innate need to experiment, a quality that I got from my mother.)

Overdid the crust using an entire 1/2 quarter cup of butter, should have used only 3 tablespoons.

Overdid the eggs too, used 3 instead of just 2.

After it was out it tasted like flan but now that its refrigerated, it turned out fuckin delicious.


Perfecting the chicken nuggets ver 2

Panko breading is everything.

Batter: 2eggs + greek yogurt

Breading: pepper, garlic powder, cotija cheese, panko breadcrumbs

Came out really nice and crunchy. Hubby is silent but almost finished it.

280 degrees/ 20 mins + 5 mins on broil

Slow saturday suman

Reason for making this is cos im so annoyed at how overpriced they sell for at the Filipino bakery. A pair of suman sells for 2.50 as opposed to less then 10 bucks all in all to buy the ingredients.

What I used:

Step 3: enjoy it warm and steamy after its cooked for an hour. My mothers creation is still the best

My first time to make my native Philippine snack!

Its a rootcrop sweetened with raw cane sugar and grated coconut mixed altogether, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed for 45 mins. My mother makes the best suman ever.

Step 1- combine all this madness in a wide bowl add sugar to your liking

Step 2: The tedious part is wrapping each handful to the banana leaf.

31/100 lemonades: no thursday thaiĀ 

Cranky as fuck i wanted to eat out as soon as we got off work. Was silently seething when hubby didnt make a right turn to my fave thai place.  

Then it dawned on me that the positives outweigh the unhealthy thinking in my head:

1. Saved bout 50 bucks from not eating out

2. Nourishing and controlled food at home

3. Cooking still is the best.

Yeah its way better.

Lesson learned today: get a smaller avocado next time

Breakfast smoothie today was a big ass ripe avocado with a cup of baby spinach and blueberries. Ninja had a little trouble blending it for several reasons

1. Not enough liquid (sorry machine)

2. Shouldve chosen the smaller cup for this. 

Anyway, the output was still a beautiful creamy dream of REAL avocado and greens. You cant compete that in thosr overly sweetened ones bought at a boba shop for about 4-5 bucks a pop. What a beautiful meal