My running report

Jogging in the morning is a habit that I already ingrained in my head since moving in our new apartment about 5 months ago. Weirdest thing, is that even when I lack sleep or seriously exhausted still, there is no debate: My body automatically gets up, as soon as my knee is not bad.

As for weight loss,  I don’t really worry about it in my head all the time, compared to the previous months where I constantly obsess about my fatass, but I recently hit the 168 as far as I know… I’ve  never weighed this fuckin light since coming here in the U.S.  Didn’t really made a huge deal about it, and I’m just taking it day by day, and each day is fuckin splendid. My pants are dropping and my foods are filling so it’s obvious I’m doing something great!


It’s been two months since I signed up for a monthly fee of $10 bucks and it has changed my motivation to run dramatically.
I think I even pushed myself too hard by following the coach that I totally ignored my knee pains now it’s all fucked.
Although othe than that, I it is absolutely the best!

#tuesdaythoughts: improving my running form

I woke up probably 15 minutes later than my usual wake up time and I panicked. It’s too tough to drag my ass this morning but when I saw the fog outside, and even if I started later than my typical running time, I fuckin trudged on.
All in all, I jogged for the most of my 30 minute run as opposed to just half- ass walking my butt.
I wanted to seriously iimprove my running form since I’m such a mediocre cardio person,
This is the reason why I never lose weight, I half ass my cardio. So this is my 3rd quarter 2017 goal. Improve my cardio fitness score (which according to my fitbit, I only have average- 33)


this shall be named “woke up late” but shouldve been “powered through”

Must increase my intensity then!

First day in my free trial of aaptive


Who is it for:

Perfect for those who like me who isolates themselves with wireless headphones.

Who moves harder and farther when someone coaches them, because I like taking orders from my daddy (nah just kidding)

All in all, this is perfect to improve your over-all cardio. That is my goal this quarter— to elevate my cardio endurance from “average” to good. all thanks to fitbit for pointing out that I have an unsatisfactory cardio health LOL


How to remove migraines 

Gritting through Les Mills Grit (strenght) + cxworx # 18




 whole different set. Sort intimidating. Its shot in a business district where they just set up a little crossfit-esque playground.

Horrible, absolutely boring, almost unmotivating music


I worked out on a sunday the afternoon, therefore not feeling my lower back complaining.

Reminders of the instructors for a low impact version. 

This is crossfit rebranded.

Very short, 30minutes


Cxworx #13

Cxworx never fails, starts typically with an ab workout.

What burned me the most on this part was the tube shoulder fuckin pulses. It almost looks very decieving because it looks too easy. Absolutely not. 

This, my friends is truly how I remove my migraines after sweating and more than a thousand jump squats my headache is not complaining and passed over the complain to my ass.

Yes thats a sweaty selfie post workout