Slow saturday suman

Reason for making this is cos im so annoyed at how overpriced they sell for at the Filipino bakery. A pair of suman sells for 2.50 as opposed to less then 10 bucks all in all to buy the ingredients.

What I used:

Step 3: enjoy it warm and steamy after its cooked for an hour. My mothers creation is still the best

My first time to make my native Philippine snack!

Its a rootcrop sweetened with raw cane sugar and grated coconut mixed altogether, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed for 45 mins. My mother makes the best suman ever.

Step 1- combine all this madness in a wide bowl add sugar to your liking
Step 2: The tedious part is wrapping each handful to the banana leaf.

31/100 lemonades: no thursday thai 

Cranky as fuck i wanted to eat out as soon as we got off work. Was silently seething when hubby didnt make a right turn to my fave thai place.  

Then it dawned on me that the positives outweigh the unhealthy thinking in my head:

1. Saved bout 50 bucks from not eating out

2. Nourishing and controlled food at home

3. Cooking still is the best.

Yeah its way better.

30 of 100 lemonades -package to the Philippines arrived ahead of time

lemonadesThis made my day that the package I sent to my family arrived ahead of schedule. Despite my mom’s weird pleads to not spend a lot on buying stuff and sending it to the Philippines, I know they do enjoy the months worth of stuff that we send. That’s the least I can do to be able to send my love to my family six thousand miles away.

22 of 100 – a beautiful birthday weather and 1000 squats after


Yesterday  I turned the gargantuan 34 and I embrace it and it was spent lovingly with my adorable husband.

It’s my second year as a married woman and during the wonderful dinner overlooking the  beautiful ocean we talked about how far we’ve come and how amazing life truly is now that we’re together. I can’t really fathom the thought not being married to this perfect specimen who is so patient with all my craziness. And what made it even sweeter was the weather was so nice, despite the forecast of rains.


1000 squats  was done this morning and that was the icing of everything

Lemonades out of lemons 13/100: Office daily with your spouse

I enjoy the time that me and my husband share at work;  I adore when he clowns around, because it’s very rare but when he does, I’m insanely laughing nonstop. He’s the complete contrast of my loud self: He is very reserved, his moves are very calm and calculated while I’m all over the place. My husband is  amazing, really and has best work ethic, and I immensely enjoy being witness to that everyday. We work together in one office and it’s so enjoyable to be seeing your spouse everyday 8 hours a week, which is a completely different situation to a typical married people.

Last year, I decided to just stay in this company after his suggestion that I momentarily decline job interviews and offers. The perks at this company outweigh the cons, so for now we just enjoy.