nailing the fluffy fudgy chocolate cupcake


brownieI have to give this to my husband who critiques my baking, and I took it to heart to figure out the secret to a fluffy cupcake, I hope this one works this time. Because if i still went on with my insane method i’d be feeding him rocks instead.

Introducing, my fluffy 3x sifted goodness of fudgy beautiful mess.

Method: include the sugar with the dry ingredients and mix it before dumping the room temp butter as I mix.  the expert i sought to mentioned that the batter should have a a mousse-like consistency, not the usual watery dripping mess I’m so used to.

(because I am lazy to clean up hahaaha)


what could have been improved with this mixture:

  1. it should stay in the oven for 15 mins, vertically because my oven is weird.
  2. don’t put the water underneath it anymore.
  3. i ordered a cake flour for next time hahahaha

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