BEEN over two weeks out of sugar, but fully satiated with the fatty foods that I’m eating. Cheese is not really big but I am just so glad that for the most part of this new habit, I have taught myself to simply eat a very filling set of foods that I would not have otherwise be able to enjoy. freakin amazing.

the best fuckin part of it all? I lost  a substantial amount– quite alarmingly quick but I know it’s the water retention. 10 lbs of weight loss is a total feat that I have never experienced before and I am super glad I did.

as for the knee pain, it’s been really a literal pain, and I totally attribute it to the speedwalking that I did a couple days back, when I haven’t mastered my form.  little by little though, I’m totally getting healed. it sucks that I can’t bend my right knee, and for the most part my sex life has been a little rough because of it.  But I’m getting well. Whoohoo


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