#tuesdaythoughts: improving my running form

I woke up probably 15 minutes later than my usual wake up time and I panicked. It’s too tough to drag my ass this morning but when I saw the fog outside, and even if I started later than my typical running time, I fuckin trudged on.
All in all, I jogged for the most of my 30 minute run as opposed to just half- ass walking my butt.
I wanted to seriously iimprove my running form since I’m such a mediocre cardio person,
This is the reason why I never lose weight, I half ass my cardio. So this is my 3rd quarter 2017 goal. Improve my cardio fitness score (which according to my fitbit, I only have average- 33)


this shall be named “woke up late” but shouldve been “powered through”

Must increase my intensity then!


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