How to remove migraines 

Gritting through Les Mills Grit (strenght) + cxworx # 18




 whole different set. Sort intimidating. Its shot in a business district where they just set up a little crossfit-esque playground.

Horrible, absolutely boring, almost unmotivating music


I worked out on a sunday the afternoon, therefore not feeling my lower back complaining.

Reminders of the instructors for a low impact version. 

This is crossfit rebranded.

Very short, 30minutes


Cxworx #13

Cxworx never fails, starts typically with an ab workout.

What burned me the most on this part was the tube shoulder fuckin pulses. It almost looks very decieving because it looks too easy. Absolutely not. 

This, my friends is truly how I remove my migraines after sweating and more than a thousand jump squats my headache is not complaining and passed over the complain to my ass.

Yes thats a sweaty selfie post workout


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