start in the morning and get it done!

it’s always that familiar habit since we moved to a this new wonderful apartment with nearby football field. this morning I woke up pretty wonderful, no backpains or weird knee pains to slow me down, and before I delay, I, while still half awake,  immediately put on my leggings, socks and march downstairs to sip my lemon water and baking soda.

today was a butt kicking outdoor workout. all the moves were inspired by Chalene Johnson’s workouts that I do in beachbody before.  Didn’t give it much thought, just   I ran just two or three rounds maybe but in between I these three following lovely butt kicking moves:



1. bowlers- this is a move much like bowling, hence the word. 

2. shuffles- man that burned my ass in real time.

3. my same old walking lunges

To be honest, I didn’t even noticed I was done 25 minutes later. It’s sooo damn great to exercise in the morning! Happy Friday!



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