Yet another reason to forego this FREE trial

thanks for the option to try stuff for free before signing up my credit card  but my list of cons outweigh the pros for beachbody on demand service.


after much ruminations, i tried signing up today. 

  1. canceling membership requires to call customer  service.  I am dissapointed upon knowing this because I feel that it is essential for me to see firsthand that I cancel the whole thing before it bills me- I guess this is just the template that I follow since the first on demand service I got was Les Mills and I absolutely love it.


    i’m assuming this customer rep is itching to be done with this inquiry- didn’t even offer  to mention other platforms to try. meh

  2. not available on android device- see this pathetic chat.  I guess what even ticked me more was that this customer service rep DID NOT even offer anything  optional. Like a complete disregard for customer service. Oh well.
  3. thanks but no thanks for the assigned coach– I get it, fine more power to all these coaches because they are so positive, they’re happy they’re essentially motivating. but I deem they are wayy too much on Instagram when they try to recruit and sell a product. I never considered ever purchasing one of those silly overpriced shakes, hell to the noooo!

I know it’s too soon to say that I would cancel as soon as my trial period is out.  I just wanted to try shaun t’s workout cos I love him to death. WHich btw, I got all his dvds except that “cize”



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