26/100- Using the powerblock for the first time

There is just an inexplicable high after a COMPLETED workout. Moments when I really pushed to finish and not just half-ass my way through the exercise.
What makes it even more incredible is if it’s done first thing in the morning.

I can’t put a finger to it to be honest, it’s just incredible.
After the disastrous second week of February when I just had to stop completely my exercises, I have recovered, taking my green morning smoothies since getting my ninja auto iq for my bday, and now I feel absolutely great.

Anyhoo going back to my high. Yes, morning workouts kick my ass and I love it. It’s my first time to use our $300 powerblock and I gotta admit that there’s a limited range of motion, but I ain’t complaining! I can really adjust the movement. What I just have to be careful of is not to wake my husband up. Because I was working out in our bedroom.
Plus, that new Hoist workout bench is also a dream! I can’t get enough of it.
I believe investing in our health is the top priority, even if this cost us more than $500 bucks total, I LOVE THAT I get to do it now at HOME where no GERMS are goin to haunt me unlike that expensive Athletic club membership!

I just can’t get enough of it. I’m super glad hubby decided to finally get it over the weekend.


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