lemonades out of lemons 18/100- old woman walking… healthily

If I am writing in the pessimist tone, I would be frowning upon right now and forlorn. Monday beckoned, awoke us with the sordid fact that there is a week-long barrage of rains,   getting up and busting my ass to workout this morning was an insane struggle,  and now I felt this all too- familiar pain in my lower back. And my coworker who is a model for professionalism didn’t even had the decency to mention that she’s taking the week off making me guess about her whereabouts, facing her client and everything that just is not working on a Monday.

I’m just venting.

I’m in a moderate amount of pain. Pains that typically I get when i had 1. too much sex (I have not, mind you) 2. or did strong kickboxing punches or crazy burpees without tightening my core or 3. Just the imminent reminder that I am adding another year old in two weeks.

other than this whining, Monday is still lovely, no boss, the peace and complete control of what I want to do today, and stalk my crush—aka my hubby who happens to be my coworker as well. Yes, this first Monday of February is really adorably sweet.


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