16 /100 lemonades: appreciation for my husband whenever hunger hits

I really am an ugly monster when I’m starving. Yesterday on the way to relatives I was not feeling it when he declared that we would just pick up food  when we get for over an hour later. I was silently seething, because I was really  wanting to eat.

Me, practicing the art of silent aggression due to hunger, a phrase that I will coin to describe my monstrous silence following a decision of not eating just went quiet and gritted my teeth in between.

And as always, my husband who’s perpetually sensitive to my needs, asked me to look around for any food area on the way.

I silently said no thanks, we’re already on the freeway, I’ll wait.

and so he turned to a different route to get bagel for me, my silent angered now placated with the warmth of a sourdough bagel sandwhiching  scrambled eggs with savory bacon..




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