Lemonades out of lemons 13/100: Office daily with your spouse

I enjoy the time that me and my husband share at work;  I adore when he clowns around, because it’s very rare but when he does, I’m insanely laughing nonstop. He’s the complete contrast of my loud self: He is very reserved, his moves are very calm and calculated while I’m all over the place. My husband is  amazing, really and has best work ethic, and I immensely enjoy being witness to that everyday. We work together in one office and it’s so enjoyable to be seeing your spouse everyday 8 hours a week, which is a completely different situation to a typical married people.

Last year, I decided to just stay in this company after his suggestion that I momentarily decline job interviews and offers. The perks at this company outweigh the cons, so for now we just enjoy.


About carmelamacchiato

I'm Cristina, this username was named after my husband's favorite coffee drink. In a span of less than a month in November 2015, I quit my decade old job as a news tv producer, got married to the love of my life, and flew to California, seven thousand miles from my hometown, the Philippines. Yep, thats how I roll… or how my life ricocheted.
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