Lemonades out of lemons 13/100: Office daily with your spouse

I enjoy the time that me and my husband share at work;  I adore when he clowns around, because it’s very rare but when he does, I’m insanely laughing nonstop. He’s the complete contrast of my loud self: He is very reserved, his moves are very calm and calculated while I’m all over the place. My husband is  amazing, really and has best work ethic, and I immensely enjoy being witness to that everyday. We work together in one office and it’s so enjoyable to be seeing your spouse everyday 8 hours a week, which is a completely different situation to a typical married people.

Last year, I decided to just stay in this company after his suggestion that I momentarily decline job interviews and offers. The perks at this company outweigh the cons, so for now we just enjoy.


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