Meanwhile when the husband is away… i take a hike! lemonades out of lemons 11/100


wp-1485048869297.pngI was hell bent on not coming with the husband to have our car fixed because I had things to do, topping my list was  to finish my laundry as soon as I can because that weekend forecast is again gloomy. After finishing that one off, I took a hike again, and it took me two hours. It didn’t even felt like it was two hours because the scenery was just breathtaking. I really felt lucky to be living in beautiful San Bruno where Sweeney Ridge is just a couple of blocks away.

As I was climbing down the steep hills, there was a very light drizzle, for which I momentarily panicked but thankfully got back safe and albeit a little misty, still was thankful to be able to exercise. Plus, I hit a milestone of 25,000 steps during that day, which was incredible.


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