Still surreal-Trump as president

I sigh at the gloomy, strong winds and heavy pouring outside the door. This, as I watch the inauguration of the 45th president and the future of this country.I sigh even more as I prepare to go to work alone. My hubby is sick and he needs rest, it’s better for him to stay home.

Upon kissing my asawa goodbye, I headed out the door. A combination of cold wind slapped me as I head out.


I think the weather echoes the sentiments of the protesters in Washington.  A mixture of rage, sadness and disbelief. Then again Hillary sucks and has pocketed billions of dollars already.

My Uber driver, an middle aged lady seemed  positive and was pleased while we listen to the speech of the new president. thus, my uber small talk attempt was reduced to none as both of us tried concentrating on what Trump said.

I feel sad when I saw Bernie Sanders at the audience. That could’ve been the president.  Then again, even if Trump seemed to be such an ass and so much disgust was thrown at him, let’s give the guy a chance.


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