Lemonades 11/100: chalene johnson at 6.45am and a 55 minute workout

I love chalene johnson in her pre- businessy days- during the times of her turbo fire and piyo. She’s such a superb moderator, she made me love exercise and look forward to push it.

Actually, looking back, everything that I embraced about working out was really because she opened my eyes through her motivation and audiobooks. Simple, yet packs a great punch

some wisdom and takeaways from Ms. Johnson:

  1. exercising in the morning- because once you’re done in the morning, you have less things to think about and you’re essentially happier.
  2. treating exercise like brushing your teeth
  3. being grateful to be able to move and workout
  4. taking care of your knees during the movements (although later she admitted that she was having problems of her own, thus she developed pi-yo)
  5. pushing up to the last minute and finishing strong!

Her workout turbo fire is the one, apart from her way to motivate that made me looove beachbody, the exercise giant that it is today. Chalene really knows her stuff, and yet she admits no one is perfect. She’s really an amazing motivator and she could be  a God also.

Anyway, this post is just a positive note about how I was able to finish strong today, not half-assing myself compared to yesterday. Because the winter is nastier  today compared to last year, so waking up and doing my 5.30am goal is a challenge. I’m really so motivated to fit into my old clothes and be healthy!




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