Recycling in California

So I spent an hour in line waiting at the RePlanet recyling center near our work, where I lugged about a few months worth of aluminum cans and plastic. Both from work and from home.

You see, you get to reiumburse these for a certain amount but take into consideration that the goverment already pocketed about 5 cents from you per bottle or can of anything you drink Which doesnt make sense.

But off I still went. I cleaned some stuff out from the house and I have time to kill, and I’ve been curious how the process goes. Will they be counting per piece like the way I do it in the Philippines? 

Boy oh boy was it an experience or what. 

Did I enjoy it? Well, observing the people and the tremendous amount of patience to fall in line and help each other weighing their bottles and cans. It was so so.i get to see what its like to be helped and helped, and how people argue over which bin was his. 
Will I do it again? Not in the nearest future no.


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