Yes, this is another cooking fail

Because the internet is already full of beautiful shots of those ubiquitous hashtag #foodporn.

In keeping up with my unorthodox approach of saying no to the status quo of blogging, I present my hideous paleo Lasagna.

Ingredients included Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese, Mozzarella, ground beef, tomato puree and for pasta substitute, the god awful zucchini squash. All the ingredients pretty much amounted to about  $17 dollars,  triple the amount of serving you would get from an Italian joint, minus the crappy ingredients of course.

Cooking took two nights, because I had to split them in two increments due to time.




doesn’t look tempting at all now, does it? 

Total cost:   17.26 

  • Zucchini   2.99
  • Ricotta 2.99 + add a few heaps of parmesan for more attitude
  • ground beef 7.49 ( just used the half of this )
  • Mozzarella- 3.79
  • Leftover Marinara- nothing
  • Existing tomato puree- prolly 99 cents

Things to take note next time:

  • Use the big-ass eggplant instead of zucchini
  • Bake them beforehand; to dry the shit out of these little watery fuckers
  • Don’t fry, like what I did and it turned into a little soggy mess.
  • listen to Laura Vitale, my food goddess, when she said make sure to really grind the ground beef in pan while sauteing, otherwise you’d have a clumpy mess.



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