getting on the bandwagon of fitness trackers

So this happened last night:

  1.  wearing it while asleep  it is kinda UNNECESSARY and some kind of inconvenient. I woke up and I feel my wrist brushing against me and I had a sneaking suspicion that I was also hurting my hubby as I dream. 
  2. The reason for getting the above fitness tracker is because Im tired of literally holding my phone while I run. I am very active in tracking my steps daily so this is a welcome addition NOT to mention I need a watch dammit. 
  3. I also loved the fact that there is a heart rate monitor! Took me a whole day to read all the reviews of various trackers (garmin, misfit, samsung gear fit etc) and this is the most practical pedometer that can track different activities. 
  4. Looks very classy as well! Not too bulky and not too annoyingly attention-grabbing either. Just perfect. 
  5. Did I mention the fact that my hubster is soo supportive that he even asked if I wanted to order different straps to match my wardrobe lol

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