Vegas in bullets

  1. That old saying is true about what happens in vegas stays in Vegas— foodwise that is! All the stuff that I ate should stay in Vegas. I made a log and I was  shocked at the amount of food I ate! It’s all good. Fasting mode is on
  2. A more than 8 hour drive for my hubby equates to my non-stop propensity to sleep. If i were to do it again,  I’d choose to fly over the drive. It’s just too much (yes, all I did was sleep and I’m bitchin)
  3. I even fell harder for my husband for his patience in the long drive. I married an amazing man.
  4. Alcohol was aplenty and my liver is doing good so far.
  5. Hoover Dam was breathtaking. Photos would never do justice. I took it all in and didn’t really shoot a lot of pictures.
  6. All my television production years never prepared me to the amount of cleavage alone on our first night in Vegas—  Strolling around MGM grand, a cornucopia of beautiful people in all shapes and sizes sashayed in their best outfits. I, on the other hand, me and my hubby– strolled around hand in hand wearing sneakers and me lugging a backpack ala Dora the explorer.
  7. No mad shopping took place. For the most part, we enjoyed great food and an amazing show.
  8. Vegas is not jus about booze and getting laid. There’s so much culture in the shows. I immensely enjoyed one of the 7 shows– I’ve always been fascinated by the dedication and training of these wonderful talented artists on stage. I chose Zumanity located in the New York New York Hotel for its “adults only” theme. I heard my pseudo prude sister in law enjoying most of the show.
  9. In a span of less than 3 days- I’ve experienced riding different Uber cars from a Pathfinder, to  an Audi SUV to a huge Suburban. Damn, Uber is really changing the game in travelling.

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