The uber diaries

2 rides in one day oh wow.

11am. The first ride which amounted to about 5 dollars was jus a mile.away from work. It was a middle aged guy named Luis, and the vehicle was a Kia Sorento.

I’m so freakin delayed with this amazing innovation;  blame it on my husband’s incessant care and I wouldn’t blame him. After all, despite where we live, I guess one just have to constantly watch your back.

So Anyway, I greeted happily as I hopped on the front seat… ” it’s my first uber ride!” without knowing that there’s already a passenger at the back.

Luis responded with an “oh wow” and I surmise that he gave an awkward silence of “what am i supposed to say to you, you talky lady?”

I initiated  nonchalantly about how I could have just walk on the way there, but didn’t do so because it was too goddamn cold on this fall morning. But I wanted to find out how it would work because I need to get a ride later and I haven’t figured out this whole ride sharing convenience in the first world.

My first uber ride took about  2-3 minutes.

5:30pm My second ride was after getting off from work, me and my hubby were figuring out a way  to alleviate the hassle of parting ways– him on his way to school, while me, having to go to the gym . While I already have a DMV permit, I’m still not allowed to drive without anyone accompanying me.

So enter the $10.73 dollar  UBER ride for about 10 miles.This time it was a  white Toyota Corolla and it was a driver named Mohammad.

It was funny the scene before I rode the Toyota, my hubby commanded me to kiss him, I just found that adorable.

The ride was pleasant, the Afghan guy was amazing and courteous, and I’m always Ms Small talk, so I found out that he’s driving Uber for 5 years now, and like me, he is an immigrant in the U.S. now for ten years.

I am pleased, gave the guy a 5 star review for being a safe and courteous driver and now very excited about our routine until my hubby finishes his schooling this fall



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