Sunday Cardio binge july 3rd


This is a unique binge.

A binge that burns the calories and increases my Vo2 max

First, I treaded for  15 minutes of gasping for air at this goddamn awful machine called the stairmaster.

This particular archaic machine sucks big time, because of all the complicated buttons.

I have to constantly reminded myself that working out at this particular area of the gym hardly motivates me—

perhaps I’m just overreacting.

So after gasping for air and gaining back the composure I lost, I hopped at the bike.



Pedaled high- intensity for 20 minutes.

-thing with bike is I love em, its easy on the knees, and gives me the burn I want.

Add a crazy cardio music and youre all set for high intensity partyyy


I jumped back for 3 minutes at the stupid stair master machine and realized I am jus winded…


so I then jumped to the treadmill—

And ran for 30 minutes for 1.7 miles or about 2.72 km.

It was a great run actually, spent about 75% running, which meant I was able to build my endurance pretty well. I like that.



Lastly, I climbed again at the stepper for 5 minutes, to cap of this insane hour of sweatfest.


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