Acing the DL’s exam


I came from the third world, so its a given that government services (driver’s license application, Social Security, and such) are pretty crappy in the Philippines.

But moving to America, hell our tiny country has faster transactions to get a driver’s license over there.
Since Philippines is pretty much a MALL COUNTRY– every mall you can think of has an LTO Sattelite office, so renewal for a drivers license would be a breeze.

However, there are a ton of rules here and they drive way faster, roads are way wider and longer so I can understand the myriad of rules.

I was raised a defensive driver and people in my country basically just follow simple rules whereas here it’s a different stricter ballgame.

Anyway… Yeah,
I aced my written exams today, the first one, at the first try.
Most people who came from the Philippines say at the first try, expect to retake since you’re bound to fail.
You’re given three tries to finish the written exam, after which if you still fail you have to retake again on a different date.

I was expecting to pass of course, since I’ve been preparing this for the longest time.
(Thanks to a ton of samples online, and youtube videos, btw)

Also because going back to RETAKE the written will be a waste of time and I don’t want to hassle my husband to come with me to the DMV.

Woke up early to cook first then did our daily grind of preparing first his food before coming to work, and then we drove to DMV and arrived in time for my 8:40am appointment.
Since today was a Friday, the long line outside for NON-appointments greeted us at the parking lot, but luckily hubby had an easier appointment at the DMV website, so we passed the long line outside.

8:30am: Wait time from the first window was quick, a nice mexican lady was at the window who recieved me and my hubby

8:40am: A Filipina who’s a deadringer to Inday Badiday who was’t friendly (typical, of course) recieved me and the hubs.
paid 33 dollars and a crappy eye exam

8:45: I was led to the window A where your ID woule be taken. A so-so dude took my insipid photo. It was my worst photo but who cares, it’s not like I will parade around my ID card anyway.

Exam then took about 15 minutes, and when the notification from the computer screen glared with the text CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’VE PASSED, I did a victory dance, the other DMV guys were smiling at me lol.

I am given another 5 days to call back because my License has a secondary review, since we are still waiting for the immigration to grant my change of status.


The takeaway from this experience are: 

  1. If you’re currently undocumented, married to a Citizen or a Permanent Resident, and you’re currently waiting for your immigration papers,  you can apply for a driver’s license even without a SSN.
  2. Google  AB-60
  3. Mention that you are applying for an AB-60 driver’s license. (you see, I wasn’t aware of this, but my hubby was a brilliant man who researched this after yesterday.
  4. Just don’t forget to bring your pertinent papers!

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