Workout Review: Jackie Warner’s Personal Training With Jackie 30 Day Fast Start (Upper Body)


First of all, thanks to those who graciously uploaded this video online so I don’t have to buy this and curse over wasting good money over it.

I first learned Pyramid back in the early 2000s when I was using THE FIRM WORKOUT Dvds which really helped me lose a ton of weight in freshman college.
They use the term “pyramid up or down” just to show that we change the weight.

But it is not what I know today.

So Jackie Warner’s DVD adapted a pyramid style of reps, which is a fun and lesser boring way compared to the typical way of reps and sets.

To illustrate, this is is how it goes
1 squat + 1 shoulder press
2 squat + 2 shoulder press
3 squat + 3 shoulder press
and so forth until you reach 10 reps

Shaun T’s T25 also has Pyramid, so this is nothing new to me.

This workout is very short, and you’d finish in time before you know it.
be warned, because her pace is too fast that I surmise  most beginners should not try this lest it would result to injury.
This is why it’s alright for intermediate exercisers, because you really get to maximize the workout and at the same time it’s fun. But even for intermediate exercisers and advanced people, ( meaning familiar with the moves, in my opinion) it is seriously hard to keep up.

Then she has to pound in your brain that it the bicep curls are hard, you have to pick up a heavier weight.

Well, fuck you lady. I will injure myself in the process if I follow you.

Over all, should you wish to try this, make sure you use  light weights.

Overall, this is a fun workout that everyone can try then feel it a day, even two days after.



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