Its Pasta night at home-two nights in a row

My hubby Loved this simple Fusilli
2 cups organic fusilli
1/2 cup free range ground beef
a handful of white mushrooms
TJ’s klow fat basil marinara sauce
TJ’s Shredded 3 cheese

Boil Fusilli in a pot
While Pasta Boils, quickly slice shallots, and toss in a pan with groud beef
and mushroom
Pour Marinara Sauce
Add a little Pasta Water to the sauce
Add Cheese while still hot and pour onto cereal bowl
Serve to a hungry hubby ASAP


Author: carmelamacchiato

I'm Cristina, this username was named after my husband's favorite coffee drink. In a span of less than a month in November 2015, I quit my decade old job as a news tv producer, got married to the love of my life, and flew to California, seven thousand miles from my hometown, the Philippines. Yep, thats how I roll… or how my life ricocheted.

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