DAY 3 OF 14 OF I.F.: Cardio, detaching the feeling of hunger and Mid-week trader Joe’s shopping.

+ Woke up really hungry and want to devour that goddamn Trader Joe’s oat currant scone at
the kitchen counter.
Which is piece of worthless sugar with about 270 calories + additional fat calories.
I threw it right away before I had any more evil thoughts of devouring it.
Not wasting food, it’s nearing expiration.

+Figured a more adept way of maximizing the realization of my I.T.:
by writing the hours down and I food I eat at a specific time. Works wonders actually.


+ AROUND 4:30PM, I had some almonds and cashew, no cravings whatsoever

+Hubby and me Left work pretty early, around before 6pm, and we hit the gym quite early than the usual. Since my ass was still sore from T25’s Cardio Circuit, I just jogged for about 15 minutes and rowed for about 45 minutes. A combined cardio for about an hour. image

+Shopped at TJ’s and was pretty dissapointed about not having my hubby’s favorite frozen mangoes. This is the third branch of Trader Joe’s that we’ve been in and there is a shortage of this. Trader Joe’s, what’s up with that?
+Cooked Salmon for my hubby for dinner.  Goddamn that was the toughest part of my night because I was tired, the gigantic fish hasn’t thawed yet, and I didn’t bother to cover my frying pan. Coconut oil was everywhere, dammit.




I tried my very best to cook this. Exhaustion was worth it.



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