day 1 of 14-day intermittent two meals a day!


Or lesser!
My first full loaded meal was this lunch
1/2 cup rice
munggo beans
8 pcs pichi pichi
1 pc ube puto
1 hopia baboy
1 swiss miss with coffee

proud to bring my hubby his lunch at work, and thats the only stuff he ate at lunch.

He ate 3 pcs chicken breast

and a bowl of steamed cauliflower and broccoli
I completely ignored the chocolates and other junk.


UPDATE:  for dinner we had unlimited greens at Fresh Choice, just across Target  in Colma. FreshchoiceIt’s an amazing  salad bar, pasta and bread buffet located for only $10.99 per adult.

You can never go wrong with loads of greens.

Just avoid the unlimited pizza and carbs and you’re good. Didnt eat any pizza. Figured theres enough for the world and would be no shortage. Thats jus the thing with eating in buffet, you wanna make the most of what you paid, but then ending up feeling horrible because of the wrong choices you made. It’s a struggle but I try to ignore it.



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