Im pretty sure Id walk funny again tomorrow.



Been days since we worked out at the gym, and worked out at all for that matter.

And since saturday meant hibernation for me and hubby, I figured no gym trip.

I’m really not motivated to workout  WITHOUT any VIDEO telling me what to do, that’s my exercise attitude.  I didn’t want to jump around a lot because hubby was sleeping

Its time to date Christine Salus again and her 1000 squat torture. I just did some modifying on her moves.
1st set:
-squats with 15 lb shoulder press
-skater squats
(took a break after this to wash the dishes)

2nd set
-reverse lunge with 15 lb bicep (right leg)
-narror squat with exercise bands (with biceps still)

3rd set
– wide plie
-wide plie jumps ( i was really winded on this set, I had to stop to breathe

4th set
– same on the 2nd set, this time left leg

5th set
– sumo squat with upright row 1 arm
– sume squat jumps ( i pusged myself to finish this good)

cool down: shaun t’s max 30 cool down


expect some serious ass hurting tomorrow.

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