Trader Joe’s Cruciferous Crunch


What I appreciate a lot upon moving here is the wide choices of cruciferous vegetables that weren’t cheap back in the Philippines— stuff like Kale and red cabbage and seasonal greens.

Plus the come in pre-cut packs! less time to cut and chop up up my shit!



I was sick and stayed home yesterday.  I cooked the Cruciferous Crunch collection from Trader Joe’s and put some sweet potato and ground beef with shallots as well.
Pretty quick, and was really good.




this eggroll looked so legit I am loving it.



Green beautiful lumpia- and possibly the best egg roll wrapper as well. Called Menlo and I got for $1.20 ish for 30 sheets.


this eggroll looked so legit I am loving it.



This so far is my favorite among the trader joes vegetables. i love how its cleaned and all ready to use! How I wish I can buy beansprouts and just cook this at home again, I’m gonna prepare thia next week.


Author: carmelamacchiato

I'm Cristina, this username was named after my husband's favorite coffee drink. In a span of less than a month in November 2015, I quit my decade old job as a news tv producer, got married to the love of my life, and flew to California, seven thousand miles from my hometown, the Philippines. Yep, thats how I roll… or how my life ricocheted.

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