nutrition #mondaymotivation thoughts:

1. Whenever you are tempted to reach for that piece of nutritional crap you see, take at the result of poor nutritional choices others have made.

example: your annoying older coworker who thinks she knew better by declaring that two eggs are only allowed in her diet, yet never second guesses whenever she’s reaching for a bag of lays or ridges in the pantry.
2. Processed sugar + or artificial sugar= carcinogenic shit
example: got a phonecall today from hubby’s auntie about having cancer, and this is such sad news. Hopefully she recuperates soon.  
3. food that doesnt come in box of plastic is our best friend. and this week, i shall also pack hard-boiled eggs. fucking junk food is just disgusting here at work.

hope this three personal mantras also help you out. this is an everyday struggle but I am motivated by living longer without sickness, so there.


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