So here it is, the inevitable, the most abominable…
the dreaded post-wedding weight gain!
I clearly remember, several weeks after coming here in California–
And I was whining to my sister in law about how everything is freakin abundant here. About how much food is served compared to where I came from.
And then she said… “girl, you have to be careful about the after-wedding weight gain… look at me.”
and then she recounted how slim she was prior to getting married. A size 4 and now shes twice her size, three years after her wedding.

While I am never really that tiny, my weight for my height was considerably decent for me back home in the Philippines, and I exercise on a regular basis, my body thrives for it.
Fast forward almost three months later, I never keep track of the numbers, but I take note of my clothes.
I hate that feeling of getting into them. I exercise, yes, but I eat maybe twice or thrice the amount!

investing in your health
After enrolling at this athletic club with my hubby, i normally spend on average forty minutes on the elliptical, and rowing, and just recently am loving the treadmill.
Despite the eight hour work, cardio at 7pm is really doing me good, and now focusing more on ignoring the crazy junkfood in the office.

I cannot outdo exercise when I eat twice as much as before.
I have to admit that I don’t give it much thought but now I really have to be mindful of eating.


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