how I roll—- or ricocheted

about: in a span of less than a month, I quit my job, got married to my soulmate, and flew 6000 miles from home.

yep, thats how I roll… or how my life  ricocheted.

and so where will I start? It’s the fifteenth of December and what a month it was that passed! In less than two months, I quit my TV job, became a wife and married my soulmate, moved 6000 miles away from home and now I’m adjusting to this incredible weather and life of a married woman.

Also, the countdown to fitness needs to reset. After our wedding, we were onto so many stuff from  flying to Palawan, to packing my stuff (which shall be bulleted in a later post as soon as I get my groove back on blogging), and the toughest part— leaving my wonderful parents, sister and our beloved dog.

Tomorrow I shall turn celebrate my month-long residence here in California with my amazing and hilarious  ex-fiancé. Who is now my partner for life, my confidante, my best friend and my roommate. He shall endure my propensity to freakin clean the house, wipe everything that I come across and my insane sleeping habits.

Also, my blogposts will come in spurts, most likely bulleted form for me to easily understand most of my shit. On days which I type lengthy stuff, this means I type mostly on my desktop.

So let the  good times ricochet!


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