Day 66 at 6pm. Christine Salus’s massacred my gluteals

I completely forgot to log my day 65 and i wqsnt too proud of half assed working autumns lower fix.  But i gotta redeem myself today, just when the weather is down and I feel lazy as hell.

I did 1000 squats with christine salus.
Thank god for youtube, despite the intermittently slow connection, i succeeded finishing her series for more than the 1 hour and 14 minute mark.


I can’t help but compare of course with th
cutey highschoolish 1000 squats of cassey ho, just because this workout focuses seriously on form and not jus whizzing by the exercise just to get over and done with.

The pros:
1. Focuses on form all the time.
2. Viewers who exercise often would feel hell upon doing this exercise after just about ten minutes.
3. She encourages what I love since the beginning, the importance of lifting heavy and continued preaching the gospel of heavy weights the entire time.
4. She seemed very human in the sense that the workouts are shot real time, she pauses to drink water, pauses if she notices shes effing up her form, removes stuff while the camera is rolling and she even re- recorded a set of sumo squats to accomodate her legions of minions when she found out that the camera stopped filming.

The only minor thing that I didnt appreciate waa the lack of motivating music.
But that’s it, that can easily be remedied by popping a loud cardio songs while workout is ongoing.

Thank you for the sore butt miss christine!



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