Day 64 of 90: randomly trying 21 day fix extreme STRENGTH

And so I tried this for the first time without anticipating the shock that I have to go through.
All along I thought strength meant I gotta lift weights for this one.
But I was pleasantly surprised that there wasnt Any weights seen on the video:


And oh boy Don’t ever estimate this dvd. Second workout was pretty nasty for a 60 second exercise— When I did the frog jumps, my ass, my inner thighs, my abs and my quads were already screAming to stop.


Then I thought the reverse triceps will simply stay on the ground.

But then I had to crawl using my triceps, and burning my abs and ass in the process.

When she said glute kicks, i thought i know the move all along. But I was wrong.

Testing the flexibility with the crazy gorilla walks, this is another addition to the news moves that autumn introduced and I am pretty impressed.
But then why do I have to do a goddamn half pistol?

OverAll, this set is refreshing…


A new tAke on the word strength. Autumn gained my respect.


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