Day 60 of 90: triceps on day 59 and day 60: i get to hear annoying sheldon yet again.

I really had to make myself exercise, because I am getting weak. Literally I am tired from not exercising. For five plus days Ive been swamped and really jus chose to forego my habit, with literally painful consequences.
Thats my bodys way of saying work out bitch, you really have no choice.  My knees are in pain, I am easily exhausted and theres just no way to live my life like this. So at 645pm after dinner, i lifted again and squatted like theres no tomorrow.


I only have a few weeks left for huge changes, literally changing my life in November when I marry my soulmate, best friend and the only man Ive ever loved this much after my father. And feeling the support from people around me at work doing their own countdown for me is really touching.
Will try to squeeze again a workout tomorrow before I shoot. Whee


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