Engagement photos and our experience

We had our engagement photo session last August, less than three months before our big day.


Choosing a location was fairly easy, there was a nice park where we are so it was a breeze.
Lessons learned though from this experience are the following:
1. Makeup time should not take longer than an hour. Mine took three frickin hours. Im thankful mylove was lenient but I know was an ordeal for him to sit through it all.

2. Start early. Because you never know how the weather can fuck you over. Go to # 1

3. Choose not to eat a lot of carbs prior to the shoot. Hence I look bloated. But I don’t care though, majority of the photos turned out great. Plus my handsome man is just… handsome.

4. It is best to choose carefully the dress to wear. Mine was a flowery blue dress and it turned nice with my man’s shirt. Your confidence radiates and it shows on the photos. And no outfit changes for us, no thanks.

5. I remember getting our cheeks sore from all the smiling. Plus that falsies I was wearing bothered my sight. And the rain that halted the shoot! Man but over all it was a great experience.



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