Day 50 of 90! Autumn’s extreme again

Look for the workout that says its not easy but its gonna be worth it.
I was sure as hell that it wasnt easy. But I badly need that soreness again.
(Aka leg day)
In other news, our anniversary gift for the parents arrived in the mail today.
Im sooo excited.


I cant wait for the parents to see it.

Updated: after posting this, my smartass self decided to do some abs.
With abc extreme:

The words of wisdom on this workout scribbled on the board was “limitations only exist when you let them”
Ok fine.
And fine; I thought that this dvd alone was just a short ab routine. Kinda like the generic beachbody package (either shaun t, tony horton, chalene) where they have an ab set, max running time of probably 20 mins.
But this one is evil.
And I expect to be sore tomorrow.


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