Day 31 of 90: the attitude of gratitude 

setting aside my crazy logs fitness for now. But yea I nailed tabata power and ab attack.


Going to church gives me time to mull things and have this sense of gratitude for all the petty things some people take for granted. And its what me and my mom did first thing today.  half of the year has whizzed by, im shocked at how seriously fast different countdowns for our wedding,my fitness and project wedding gown had already passed amongst other  things, and boy im seriously grateful for 2015. So here’s a rundown everything I’m grateful for.


my the one

i hardly post anything about my love. It’s beyond words how much I appreciate him, his patience and kindness. being the exact opposite of my loud panicky self, he balances me. He thinks ahead, he’s fuckin smart and has the biggest heart.
My mother. Who still treats me lovingly like a kid for a thirthysomething old know the positive side of the battery? My mom is that plus sign. She makes everything peachy. 

Mornings and my job. Working for a morning show definitely has its perks. You get things done early and get to drive home sans the horrendous traffic. This, despite constantly complaining. I still love what I do. 

The list will come in short spurts, so I’ll continue this.


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