Omgeee im on day thirty of ninety whaat?!

A cloudy day just as I got off work this morning. Its a nice way to walk.




Mind you I’m still sore from the workouts last wednesday. Bless you max out tabata strength. So i struggled and struggled.
Tried light zumba just now. And I’m done. Cant wait to start tomorrow dY 31 of 90 tomorrow.

There is something about seriously being accountable in your exercises. If I can just work on my will power in eating haha!


Author: carmelamacchiato

I'm Cristina, this username was named after my husband's favorite coffee drink. In a span of less than a month in November 2015, I quit my decade old job as a news tv producer, got married to the love of my life, and flew to California, seven thousand miles from my hometown, the Philippines. Yep, thats how I roll… or how my life ricocheted.

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